Home & business CCTV security system

At ESL Solutions we understand the importance of safety and security.

ESL Solutions will recommend a Home & business CCTV security system only after a site survey and then recommend the best possible configuration based on the layout of your property, which will cover all vulnerable areas of the premises, including entry and exit points. All our technicians have valid police checks and the required expertise to make the install completely professional and safe. Some insurance companies also offer further rebates and discounts based on CCTV and burglar alarm installations.


Securing the office against theft, burglaries and vandalism is vital nowadays. We offer solutions for securing your property and assets to give you peace of mind. Although there is no real guarantee to prevent burglaries, having alarms and CCTV security system proves to be a major deterrent. Having security alarms or CCTV security system will also help in lowering the cost of your insurance premiums (depending on your provider). Cameras have motion detection and an excellent night vision range of 100ft. with 80° viewing angles so that nothing is missed day or night. All cameras installed by us are IP66 rated and able to cope with Australian weather conditions. Once installed, we provide free training on how to monitor and utilise the equipment for your convenience.

The adage “Prevention is better than the cure” is now more relevant than ever. Contact us now for a Home & business CCTV security system

Home & business CCTV security system

Home & business CCTV security system


As Melbourne continues to boom and thrive as one of the greatest cities in the world, the population explosion has seen a huge spurt in the amount of burglaries.

Over the past year Melbourne has seen the following growth in crime.

Between year ending September 2016 and 2015

  • Robbery (up 21.5% from 2,522 to 3,063)
  • Burglary/break and enter (up 13.7% from 47,678 to 54,219)
  • Theft (up 17.5% from 158,855 to 186,636)

Check out the crime rate around your area and the whole of Victoria by clicking here…..

At ESL Solutions we stock a wide range of quality Home & business CCTV security system products and solutions for all budgets. You will always be provided with the most cost effective and practical solution for your needs.


Alarm systems with latest technology at your finger tips

Home & business CCTV security system

At ESL Solutions we have on offer the latest technology in wireless alarm systems. Provided by the award winning company Chuango for intruder alarms and exterior deterrent products like their G5W 3G/WCDMA/RFID Burglar Alarm Systems Winner of the prestigious IFSEC & FIREX Awards for Intruder Alarm & Exterior Deterrent Product of the year. By choosing to go the way of wireless you have the peace of mind of real time alarm notifications via sms and access to your alarm system all in the palm of your hand via your smart phone application.

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