NESS CCTV system

NESS CCTV system for your Home or Business




NESS CCTV system are high quality systems, NESS has a huge range of security camera and alarm systems to suit your home or business. NESS CCTV system have a Cmos sensor this will allow you to receive a very clear and sharp HD resolution video stream, the video stream is H.264 & some cameras have a Dual-Stream video compression also NESS  do have high quality 4K CCTV cameras and thats not all outdoor CCTV have infra red and are IP water resistant rated. NESS CCTV system also have a range of DVRs most of which have 1 x 1TB HHD but can be expanded to 2 x 6TB HHD on some units, NESS CCTV systems not only allows you to playback from the DVR but also form your phone or tablet from anywhere around the world where you have internet access.



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With 45 years in the industry they have a huge catalogue of CCTV cameras, DVR’S and other accessories that allow to build your own CCTV security system that suits your own needs, ESL solutions is proud to sell and install NESS systems and we are here to help you build any CCTV security system that you need.