Vend has beautifully presented cloud-based Point Of Sale Solutions that can work anywhere in the world and on almost any device.

Point Of Sale Solutions


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Use hardware you already own or buy new hardware, Vend offer a variety of different bundles to suit your needs. Vend works on any device with a web-browser, so your iPad, desktop computer or laptop should be good to go.

All Point Of Sale Solutions bundles can be tailored to compliment the needs of the business ranging from Printers, cash drawers, scanners and even printer paper.

  • IMAC based bundles
  • PC based bundles
  • IPAD based bundles
  • Stand Alone POS Terminals

Vends Check list for a superior POS product

  • Web-based or ipad pos
  • Vend works offline
  • Fast training
  • Custom receipts
  • Layaways and on-account sales
  • User accounts
  • Cash management
  • Returns, refunds & store credit

Vend Point Of Sale Solutions also offer ecommerce with online store, order management and hosting and security just to name a few services, Vend also allows a complex payment system to run in the POS solution but don’t be alarmed its easy to learn and the functions are awesome. With the payment system it allows customers to split bills, accept all major cards including your very own gift cards and of coarse latest technology with mobile and contactless payments.

Vend allows you to grow and Vend just keeps on growing with you and delivering the best POS solution, with Vend you can create reports on all your data like end of day, product and sales, inventory  and much more. Vend is the all in one POS solution for you.