Shopify POS system

Shopify POS systemShopify POS system



Shopify POS system simplify the selling process so that your business can focus on building the business to its full potential.Shopify POS system Manage every aspect of your business, product ordering, selling to customers both in a retail environment and online and Shopify POS gives you the freedon to take your business on the go, Shopify gives you a lot of different options to set up your location as you see fit to maximise the potential of your business.

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Shopify POS system allows you to sell online through your website or social media, in a store or at the market. Shopify has online tools that help you grow your business such as daily analytic reports, shopify also has other tools that help you with marketing payments and shipping making Shopify point of sale solutions a really great platform for your business.

Key features that make Shopify work better for you

  • Custom payment types
  • Inventory management
  • Analytics
  • Gift cards
  • Shipping
  • Email receipts or printed
  • Accounting integration
  • Staff pins
  • End of day totals
  • Cash float
  • Order history
  • Email marketing
  • Customer profiles